Standard RAL colours

  • 7016
  • 7030
  • 6005
  • 9005
  • 8017
  • 5010

High quality surface

One of the features of palisade fencing is its high durability owing to exclusive use of highest quality steel and state-of-the-art anti-corrosion technologies. In addition, powder coating of galvanized surfaces ensures desired aesthetic qualities and considerably slows down the oxidation of zinc.


Palisade fencing systems are ideal for:

  • industrial and retail facilities
  • public utility facilities
  • gated communities
  • public administration facilities
  • schools and universities
  • business and recreation facilities


  • rigid structure
  • speedy and easy installation
  • anti-corrosion ensures a long life
  • reduced cost owing to compatible underpinning system

Complete system

Palisade fencing consists of spans made from welded profiles of standard height (1,200 mm, 1,500 mm, 2,000 mm), fencing posts matching the span width, and visually matching fixings. We also offer size matching slide gates with accessories. Supplementary components are: prefabricated underpinning, swing gates and slide gates, and pathway gates.

Span varieties:

  • closed frame – R1, R2, R3, R4
  • open frame – P1, P2

Fencing posts

Matching posts are made from 60x40 mm or 60x60 mm steel profiles with plastic caps and unobtrusive fitting points. For standard fencing spans the foundation spread at centres is 2,060 mm (2,080 mm)


  • span width – standard: 2,000 mm
  • pales – 20x20 mm profile
  • span frame – 30x20 mm profile
  • pale spread – 120 mm
  • span heights – 1,200/1,500/2,000 mm
  • post varieties – 60x40 mm or 60x60 mm profile
  • post heights – 1,600/2,000/2,300 mm
  • post spread at centres – 2,060 mm (2,080 mm)
  • post distance – 2,020 mm