panele kratowe przetlaczane przekroj


Standard RAL colours

  • galvanized
  • 6005

Preferred RAL colours

  • 7016
  • 7030
  • 9010
  • 9005
  • 8017
  • 5010

Custom colours

RAL palette

High quality surfaces

Our panel fencing systems have the best stainless steel surface currently available on the market. Panels and posts are galvanized and optionally powder coated. Powder coating of galvanized surfaces gives the product the desired aesthetic quality and prevents the oxidation of zinc.


  • high strength and durability
  • desired aesthetic qualities
  • effective anti-corrosion in two varieties
  • aesthetic finish
  • speedy and easy installation
  • good value for money
  • wide range of available standard height and colour
  • varieties
  • matching optional equipment


Quality and aesthetic advantages of our lattice panel fencing systems make them ideal solutions for both corporate and private premises. Profiled lattice panels are ideal for:

  • factories
  • warehouses
  • retail facilities
  • public buildings
  • detached private premises
  • gated communities
  • sport facilities
  • parks

Complete system

Panel fencing system consists of lattice panels and posts with accessories. Supplementary components are: prefabricated underpinning, swing gates and slide gates of various format, and pathway gates. The wide variety of optional fixtures helps to meet the customers’ preferences and budget.

Additional fixtures:

  • posts
  • gates
  • pathway gates
  • system barbed wire stretchers
  • fencing disassembly protection accessories
  • end, corner, and intermediate clamps
  • prefabricated underpinning and connectors

Profiled panels HR5 and HR4

Lattice panels are made of vertical and horizontal 5mm or 4mm wires. Horizontal V profiles whose number depends on the height of the panel are an essential reinforcing element. The mesh has 50x200 mm straight apertures and 50x50 mm profiled apertures. The width of the panels is standard, 2,500 mm, and the height range is 830-2,430 mm.

The size and layout of the apertures are designed to increase security by preventing intruders from scaling the fencing.

Panel HR4 Light

Lattice panels HR4 Light are a new product in our range. They are made of horizontal and vertical 4 mm wires. Horizontal V profiles whose number depends on the  height of the panel are an essential reinforcing element. The mesh has 75x200 mm straight apertures and 75x50 mm profiled apertures. The width of the panels is standard, 2,500 mm, and the height range is 1,230-1,730 mm.

Their main advantage of the LIGHT system is its attractive price.

Panel posts

The panels are fixed to posts made from square steel profiles to ensure rigidity of the structure. The posts are 60x40 mm and topped with plastic post caps. They are supplied with clamps, screws, washers, rubber inserts and sheer nuts made from stainless steel. Post foundation spread at centres is 2,580-2,590 mm.

Panel specifications

  • panel width 2,500 mm
  • HR5 5 mm, HR4 4mm wire mesh
  • straight apertures 50x200 mm
  • profiled apertures 50x50 mm
  • posts 60x40 mm

Panel HR4 Light specification

  • panel width 2,500 mm
  • HR4 4mm wire mesh
  • straight apertures 75x200 mm
  • profiled apertures 75x50 mm
  • posts 60x40 mm

Available varieties


Our panel fencing has standard galvanized anti-corrosion. In galvanization process a layer of zinc is formed on the surface of steel. This coating protects steel against atmospheric corrosion.


Galvanized panel fencing systems may be optionally powder coated in a colour of your choice. Powder coating enhances the anti-corrosion by preventing the oxidation of zinc, owing to which our fencing systems preserve their aesthetic qualities for even longer.

2500 mm 1030 mm 2 60x40x1700 mm 2
2500 mm 1230 mm 2 60x40x1700 mm 2
2500 mm 1530 mm 3 60x40x2000 mm 3
2500 mm 1730 mm 3 60x40x2300 mm 3
2500 mm 2030 mm 4 60x40x2600 mm 3
2500 mm 2230 mm 4 60x40x2800 mm 4
2500 mm 2430 mm 4 60x40x3000 mm 4