panele kratowe proste przekroj


Standard RAL colours

  • galvanized
  • 6005

Preferred RAL colours

  • 7016
  • 7030
  • 9010
  • 9005
  • 8017
  • 5010

Custom colours

RAL palette


Lattice panel fencing systems are ideal for:

  • factories
  • warehouses
  • public buildings
  • sports facilities
  • airports
  • military areas


  • speedy and easy installation
  • increased durability owing to double horizontal wires
  • desired  aesthetic qualities

Complete system

System ogrodzeń panelowych składa się z paneli kratowych, słupków ogrodzeniowych z akcesoriami. Uzupełnieniem oferty są: podmurówka prefabrykowana, bramy dwuskrzydłowe i przesuwne oraz furtki.

Straight panels HR656 and HR868

Lattice panels are made of vertical and horizontal 5 or 6 mm wires and double horizontal 6 and 8 mm wires. The horizontal double wires are an essential reinforcing element. The mesh has 50x200 mm straight apertures. The width of the panels is standard, 2,500 mm, and the height range is 830-2,430 mm. Panels are topped with vertical wires protruding beyond the contour of the horizontal wires.

panel width panel height post height clamp number
2500 mm 1030 mm 60x40x1700 mm 2
2500 mm 1230 mm 60x40x1700 mm 2
2500 mm 1430 mm 60x40x2000 mm 3
2500 mm 1630 mm 60x40x2300 mm 3
2500 mm 1830 mm 60x40x2600 mm 3
2500 mm 2030 mm 60x40x2600 mm 4
2500 mm 2230 mm 60x40x2800 mm 4
2500 mm 2430 mm 60x40x3000 mm 4

Available varieties


Our panel fencing has standard galvanized anti-corrosion. In galvanization process a layer of zinc is formed on the surface of steel. This coating protects steel against atmospheric corrosion.


Galvanized panel fencing systems may be optionally powder coated in a colour of your choice. Powder coating enhances the anti-corrosion by preventing the oxidation of zinc, owing to which our fencing systems preserve their aesthetic qualities for even longer.


Panel models